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Terms and Conditions One Human Retreats

Last updated June 2019

These terms and conditions apply to all training and events that are organized and offered by One Human Retreats. One Human Retreats offers events and training. Participants who purchase a ticket for a training or event agree to these terms and conditions. It is your own responsibility to read these conditions when you book a ticket.


Guests Cancellation or Foreclosure

We understand that when you book your ticket you don’t intend to cancel it. Unexpected things can happen, even at an unfortunate moment before you come to a training course. Always take out travel insurance before you participate in a training or event at One Human Retreats. Tickets purchased for a One Human Retreats training or event are registered by name. If you want someone else to use your ticket if you are unable to attend, you can. See: transfer or ticket. We will not return any money in the event of absence or cancellation. In the event of cancellation, part of your payment can be used as credit for attending another training at One Human within 2 years of the date of the originally planned training.

Transferring your credit to someone else is possible. Please contact us at The amount of credit you can use for another training depends on the moment of your cancellation for the training.

We use the following policy for this:

  •  If you cancel more than 100 days before the training, you can use the full amount that you have paid for another training.
  •  If you cancel 60 to 89 days before the training, you can use 75% of your paid amount for another training. 25% expires.
  •  If you cancel 15 to 59 days before the training, you can use 40% of your paid amount for another training. 60% expires
  •  If you cancel 14 days or less before the training, your entire paid amount will be canceled.

We will not make any exceptions to our policy for any reason.

We do not provide credit and do not transfer tickets to other people when arriving late or leaving earlier during training and events.

One Human is not responsible for airline tickets, contact the airline where you booked your flight ticket (for multi-day training sessions).


Ticket Transfer

If as a participant you are prevented from attending an event or training for which you have purchased a ticket (participation certificate), it is possible to transfer your ticket to someone else. As a participant, you nominate a replacement participant yourself. Transferring a ticket is possible up to 5 days before a training / event. A 20 euro administration fee is charged for transferring a ticket. In this case, contact us at


Change of Event

If a live event or training cannot take place due to circumstances, One Human Retreats will offer each participant a ticket for a subsequent equivalent event. One Human Retreats will ensure that every participant will be informed in good time about the new date and location.


Right to use Image, Audio and Material

A participant is not allowed to make video or audio recordings during live events that last longer than 5 minutes. It is also not allowed to broadcast images live for longer than 5 minutes via social media or other distribution channels. During moments of meditation or visualization it is never allowed to make recordings (video and/or audio). If the organization notices that these rules are being violated, this may result in you no longer being allowed to participate in the event / training in question. A participant in an event or training is not permitted to use, edit or otherwise use or publish workbooks, images, images or the content information that the participant is offered for the purpose of the event / training, unless One Human has given prior written permission for this. Violation of this will in all cases have legal consequences.

It is permitted to take photos of images and to publish them via personal social media (without commercial purposes). It is also permitted to take photos during events and training that may be shared via personal social media.


Image and Portrait Rights

One Human Retreats can make recordings during events and training sessions (photos, videos and also audio). It is possible that a participant is recognizable on these images. One Human Retreats has the right to use these images, for example for marketing purposes, websites and social media. By participating in a live event or training, the participant gives permission to One Human Retreats to use these images.



When you participate in an event or training you must be in good mental and physical health. If this is not the case or if you have any doubts about this, you must make this known to One Human Retreats prior to your registration.



One Human Retreats makes every effort to ensure that live events and training courses for every participant run smoothly and safely. Attending an event or training is at the participant's own risk. One Human Retreats is not liable for loss, damage or theft of property that the participant has brought to the event. Every action you take as a result of participating in an event or training is entirely your own responsibility as a participant.

Under no circumstances can One Human Retreats be held liable for consequences and results.


Our trainings and programs are meant to help you (the participant) reach your full potential and make a positive difference in the world. We cannot give you any guarantees about the results. What you do with the knowledge offered by us is entirely up to you. We want and can only help you by sharing our knowledge, experiences and strategies. All products and services that One Human Retreats offers are developed by us for educational and informational purposes. Nothing in this program, in this master class, or in any of our content, is a promise or guarantee for specific results. We do not offer financial, legal, medical or tax advice. Making decisions based on the programs, products, events, events, training services and websites presented by us is voluntary and under the full responsibility of the participant (you). We advise you to contact your doctor, accountant, lawyer or professional adviser before you start any radical actions or perform actions that may have consequences in whatever form. We (One Human Retreats) cannot be held liable in any way for your decisions, actions and results, at any time and under any circumstances. In summary: You are responsible for your own life.


Code of Conduct

To ensure that our training courses and events run smoothly, you must follow the instructions of the organization during the meeting. We reserve the right to immediately deny you as a participant access to an event or training if; you do not follow the instructions of the organization you in any way distribute promotional expressions that are not related to the meeting, in or around the location of the meeting, or try to approach other participants with promotional intentions or commercial activities that do not relate have at the meeting of One Human Retreats, if you make long-term audio or video recordings or you broadcast the event, event, training in any way you disrupt alcohol and / or drug use during event / event / training *. In all of the aforementioned incidents, you as a participant will be removed from the meeting immediately. In these cases you are not entitled to a refund of the participation fee. (* alcohol and / or drugs are not allowed)


Thank you for reading the fine print, the terms and conditions. We would like to inform you of our provisions in advance. If you have any questions please send an email to:

Additional Conditions for Personal Coaching

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions (the pariticipant is you, the client):

1. The participant is at all times responsible for the choices he or she makes before, during and after the process.

2. One Human Retreats, Erik de Graaf or third parties are therefore not responsible for any expectations in which the participant disappoints himself.

3. No guarantees are made for end results. We will of course do everything possible to meet the wishes of the participant, provided that this has been discussed in the process and can be applied to the situation in which the participant is currently in. 

4. Payments must be made in advance. No exceptions are made here.

5. Appointments for personal trajectories are planned together with the participant. If something comes up, we would like to hear this at least 48 hours in advance.

6. Personal processes as mentioned here are not transferable to others. They are registered to name and personal.

 7. If, for any reason, the participant is not satisfied with the method used by One Human or third parties, money will not be returned. Although this has never happened, we will do everything we can to find a suitable solution within our capabilities.

8. One Human Retreats or Erik de Graaf is not a physician, doctor or medical company. We do not prescribe medication and do not advise on medical matters. Consult your treating physician or doctor for this. We take no responsibility for the physical and mental condition of you as a participant.

 9. One Human is in no way a consultancy firm. One Human Retreats does not provide financial advice. We are not responsible for either personal and/or business financial results or losses of participant.

10. One Human Retreats may deploy collaborating parties to execute the discussed services.

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