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"I had the opportunity to participate to one of Erik's breath work session last year and it was a wonderful experience and had a lasting effect on me.

He has a somewhat unique yet, very engaging teaching style. He makes everyone get involved in no time and he is also able to connect with people on a deeper level very naturally which - I believe - makes him a great teacher!" I can highly recommend his classes to everyone!"

Noémi Tuba

'Very nice to do a breathing session again under the guidance of Erik himself. I have experienced Erik as down to earth and as a supervisor who looks and knows what someone needs in terms of guidance, creating a safe setting in which everyone can experience his or her process in peace and confidence.
Petra-Alemke van der Gaag

Tonight Erik de Graaf was coming to give a breathing session at the school for the art of living: Ravitation in Naaldwijk.
We start at 7 p.m. and Erik is sitting very relaxed on his meditation cushion, radiating tranquility, and is in conversation with the previously entered participants.
As soon as everyone is there, we start with some nice exercises so that everyone can become more relaxed and open up to surrender.
Then Erik explains in clear language what we are going to do, what can happen and how we should breathe. It becomes intensive and the more enthusiasm you put in, the more you get out of it.
We are blindfolded and start breathing quietly and Erik guides us in a very calm, loving and non-judgmental manner. Together with carefully selected music, he brings us into a different state of being. He intuitively helps participants by touching on certain parts of the body. What he does is amazing.
We are breathing for an hour and Erik guides us in a very professional way. Every participant experiences this experience in his own way and everything is okay. For many it is really a very special experience and afterwards most people feel that they are "lighter" and can use their life energy more through this exercise.
Erik, you are amazing.

Menno Fennema
Breathing is something special in itself. It is something that does "something" for even the most down to earth person among us. Erik is also a very down to earth person, but he is not afraid to go in-depth with the group. He not only takes you on a journey trough the breath, but also accompanies this with a sound journey. Which in my opinion deepens the entire session even more. What comes up, you never know about my experience. But I felt very safe with my story, in the setting that he creates. A man with a mission. Let the world breathe again! Thank you Erik!
Nathalie Tates
I recently experienced a breathing session with Erik. He welcome's you in a beautiful and peaceful setting. In a small group we first had a cup of tea and had a chat. Then started the breathing session. There were mats and cushions and it is well explained in advance what exactly the intention is. During the session you will be properly supervised in order to get the most out of it. You can notice that Erik has experience in this. After the session there is still room to share experiences. Recommended!

Tristan Lössbroek

Never met such a great man and experienced this before. The first meeting was with Michael Pilarczyk and the second with a group we met there to get together. What a special man!!! I had a session earlier with Erik himself, he takes the time for you and beyond that i always feel super welcome. So much i learned from him. Also his love makes him a magical and special man. We had a special and healing walk in nature. Above all the breathing sessions are all over the top with the personal attention it includes. Fantastic you are, and you really are WoW from head to toe!!! For those who are still going to meet you; it is a gift to know such a special man. Good luck with everything and see you soon

Selma Ergun

This morning participated at The Relief. I was very curious about a breathing session. Erik is an honest and empathetic person with humor that immediately makes you feel at ease. He accompanies you with his pleasant voice and subtle touch. The lesson takes place in a safe and intimate setting. It was very nice to make conscious contact with myself again, to check in with myself.

Also i had the opportunity to release. Erik guides every participant with all attention and care. A pleasant experience and worth repeating!

Leontien Van Delft
Hi Erik what a special evening I had last Sunday, what a nice calm energy you have. So many old stories come to the surface, never expected it would be so intense. I felt so safe with you, and the music was perfect for me. Thanks again. If you give another workshop, I will be there again!
Ciska van der Meulen

Dear Erik and Arco,
Thank you for the magical experience during the workshop "Shamanic Breathing"
Previously I had a lot of fear of breathing meditations,

and that is now completely gone!!!
Thanks to your warm welcome in an atmospheric room where I was immediately at ease and where you a managed to create a group dynamic within minutes by having the participants make real contact.
What I also really liked was your clear explanation and the time you took to answer questions about sharing an experience.
I have received more than I could have ever expected. Really fantastic!!
I am looking forward to the next workshop.

Naz Marsman
The breathing session with Erik was a liberating experience for me. The support of music, Erik's pleasant and powerful accompaniment in combination with the safe atmosphere have impressed me. I fully trust myself to his guidance and training
Dorien van Nieukerken
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